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Sex and the City the Movie.

Sex and the City The Movie - UGPulse Reviews

Mid thirties and still not married.

By UGPulse
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First published: June 20, 2008
US Release Date: May 30th, 2008

Director: Michael Patrick King

Main Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Christopher Noth, Jennifer Hudson

Genre: Romance, Comedy

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Four women no longer in their twenties go through life's challenges in their own different ways in the busy buzzing city of New York. The movie focuses on Carrie Bradshaw, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie, past 36, has never been married is about to finally get married to Mr. Big, a character played by Chris Noth- also known for his role as Detective Mike Logan on Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Her time has come... but drama follows and in her life walks Louise, played by Jennifer Hudson.

Carries friends have their own drama. Samantha, the interesting and exciting role played by Kim Cattrall, is not officially married, but seems content with what she has. Or is she? Her love for sex and need for satisfaction puts questions in her head.

The other two friends fall more into societal norms. Played by Kristin Davis, Charlotte's problem is that "she has no problem." She has a perfect marriage, but after seeing what life has served to her friends, she is convinced that something is in the works for her and that alone freaks her out. Then there is Miranda who you want to slap in the face. Played by Cynthia Nixon, Miranda simply takes her marriage for granted.

Sex and the City characters: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha
Sex and the City characters: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.

Not easy to review a good movie simply about ordinary common day things. The comedy was not extreme as say... Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married? or Norbit. When it comes to drama... you can't even compare it to the drama in Hustle and Flow which is a better movie in terms of drama.

But was it a good movie? Yes it was a good movie. The movie uses the New York City setting perfectly. You can only pull this type of movie in only a few cities in the world. The movie also serves its female audience well. If the movie is anything to go by, all women do is think and talk about is sex. So men... don't be fooled.

Jennifer Hudson as Louise
Jennifer Hudson as Louise.

By the way, one thing that kept me in my seat when the movie had ended was a new Jennifer Hudson song that played immediately as the credits where shown. Girl can sing! I understand she has a new album coming out on September 30th.... and she has a number of movies lined up and ready to be roled out. If you thought the Jennifer Hudson fever has gone cold... my bet is that it hasn't even started yet. Unlike the other idols who are stuck in contracts that require them to show face on the show every now and then... I guess American Idol did not know what was coming as the girl shows no intention of paying them any visit on any American Idol shows.

Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is about to get married
Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is about to get married.

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Marketing Stunts:
Well... a very successful show on HBO which I have to admit I never saw. Also the Keep-them-guessing game was played... so much so that I believe I heard that they shot dummy scenes to throw off the media. Women will be seeing this movie for a good while.

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By UGPulse
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First published: June 20, 2008
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