UGPulse Reviews Norbit
Eddie Murphy and Marlon Wayans in Norbit.

UGPulse Reviews Norbit

Death Do Us Part.

By UGPulse
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First published: February 12, 2007

US Release Date: February 9th, 2007

Trailer: Click here to watch the trailer

Director: Brian Robbins

Main Cast: Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton, Cuba Gooding Jr, Eddie Griffin, Terry Crews

Genre: Comedy

Norbit had a hard time growing up. He was abandoned as an infant and spent all of his childhood in an orphanage. He was constantly bullied and had no friends... and, for the most part, definitely no girlfriend... well not until he is claimed by Rasputia.

Austin Reid and Lindsey Sims-Lewis as young Norbit and young Rasputia
Austin Reid and Lindsey Sims-Lewis as young Norbit and young Rasputia.

Before he has a chance to say "I don't," Norbit finds himself unhappily married ever after with Rasputia. She Rascued him from solitude and she shielded him when necessary... but she is MORE than most men can handle... physically and otherwise.

Eddie Murphy as Norbit
Eddie Murphy as Norbit.

Little Man

Little Man
There are those who went to see this movie expecting to see the funniest comedy ever. It had been a while since we last saw Eddie Murphy in a comedy... and what... the combination with the Wayans... let me interrupt myself and slip in and say that Little Man was off the hook!... a must see! Well... if you are into that type of thing.

"If you are into that type of thing" is what Norbit is about. For many of us this movie did not disappoint. I was not looking for a serious movie and I got what I expected. The movie was probably not as funny as Little Man or maybe not even as funny as Coming to America but there was enough for the audience to be yelling out in laughter.

Eddie Murphy as Rasputia
Eddie Murphy as Rasputia.

Especially when it came to Rasputia... One has to be reminded that this was Eddie Murphy. Her character, as well as that of Norbit, was well executed. The characters were very believable.

"If you are into that type of thing."

From the people I have talked to, there are many who have no interest in seeing this movie. There are those who saw the movie and were not that impressed. A lot of it has to do with the silliness of the humor but also the movie is not very complementary to "thick" or some may say African American women. I can only imagine what the large women are thinking as they watch the movie or as they watch the trailers. They are probably hiding in their caves.

I feel bad that some large people might not like this movie but I loved. I loved its sillyness and went with it. Life is so stressful these days and a comedy with a simple storyline is just what the doctor ordered.

One little complaint tho... I'm not sure if I liked the ending... but who cares for such a not-so-serious movie.

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Favorite scenes:
Hard to think of a favorite scene. But here are a few clips.
Click here to watch "Not Science"
Click here to watch "Too Skinny"

Marketing Stunts:
No marketing stunts worthy of mention... maybe the very entertaining trailers and movie clips.

Eddie Murphy as Rasputia and Eddie Murphy as Norbit
Eddie Murphy as Rasputia and Eddie Murphy as Norbit.

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By UGPulse
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First published: February 12, 2007
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