UGPulse Reviews War of the Worlds
Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in 'War of the Worlds'

UGPulse Reviews War of the Worlds

When you combine one of the hottest directors in Hollywood with one of its best actors and probably, currently the best child actor, you got a blockbuster in the making. Then when they open a movie such as this on a Wednesday night they know that people are going to spread the word so that they can bring up the numbers for the all important weekend figures.

...or maybe they know that people will not talk too long about the movie after their initial enthusiasm.

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First published: June 29, 2005

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US Release Date: June 29, 2005

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Director: Steven Sppielberg

Main Cast: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Justin Chatwin


Genre: Action/Science-Fiction Thriller

Ray Ferrier is not a very responsible person and definitely not your best father. When his ex wife and her new beau drop his two kids off for the weekend, what starts out as strange lightning, turns out to be an alien invasion which he must face with his two children. Together, in this test of relationships, they try to survive, as their attempts seem more and more futile as the aliens close in on them.

The movie is very entertaining. The acting is very believable. The special effects are extraordinary and the movie does succeed in keeping the audience quiet in anticipation of what is to come. The movie loses a couple of points because once again the story is too simple and stagnant during the course of the movie. There are few revelations or twists and the story becomes simply “we are humans running away from aliens”. I am sure that Steven knows the artistic risks of over showing multiples such as aliens in a movie. Usually it is easier and more effective simply showing the destruction and maybe short glimpses of the beings. This plays more with the audience’s minds as everyone is allowed to create their own fierce images in their minds. That is why the movie Signs, a close comparison, is probably a bit more effective and to add to this, it has a richer story. The movie could have also been shorter.

However, the movie was enjoyable and still kept you on the edge of your seat most of the time.

Favorite scene:
Excellent special effects.Click here

Marketing Stunts:
The casting itself will market this film. The trailers are also very good given that it has been a while for us to see a good action movie. How about Tom Cruise? Scientology and his getting married?...What are readers' views on these?

This Weekend Sales:
Should be out next week. This movie should easily be on top.

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By UGPulse
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First published: June 29, 2005
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